[MOD][Init.d] Custom Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Core 2 [SM-G355H]

What is Init.d
Init.d is a feature which allows you to run brunch of scripts at boot . Thats really useful while you want to set values which reset at boot or run/do any thing at every boot or install tweaks , engines and....

What is needed :

  • Custom Recovery - Preferred My Ported custom recovery with full SELinux support.
  • Busybox pre installed or install BusyBox 1.23 update script just because it use busybox run-parts command to execute the scripts from /system/etc/init.d directory.

How to :
  • Go to Recovery and choose install zip from sdcard. 
  • Done!!

Download Link - init.d_by_Dhruvit_G355H.zip

Update - [Updated]init.d_by_Dhruvit_G355H.zip

Note - After the boot check the file /data/Test.log and check if the installation succeeded.

Warning - Backup your kernel ( Boot ) first and then test it !

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